About Dr. Harold E. Salem

Harold E. Salem was born near Belle Fourche, SD and graduated from Belle Fourche High School. He earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from Black Hills State University. He graduated from Northwestern Bible School and Seminary, Minneapolis, MN where he earned the Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Theology. He also earned the Doctor of Ministry Degree from Northern Baptist Theological Seminary, Lombard, IL.

On June of 1944 he began serving the First Baptist Church of Belle Fourche, SD, his home church and his first church. He served the church 13 1/2 years, during which time a new sanctuary was built. In January 1958, he accepted the call to the First Baptist Church of Aberdeen, SD, where he has served 52 1/2 years during which time a new sanctuary, Christian Education building, gymnasium and youth center were built.

In August 2010, he resigned from First Baptist so as to give full time to the Christian Worship Hour which began in January, 1979, by telecasting the worship service on a single TV station, KABY-TV. In August, the service was moved to the studios of KABY-TV and today is on ION-TV, a national network reaching 100.1 million homes in the United States. Middle East TV (METV) carries the service worldwide.

The service is also carried on shortwave radio by five antennas that literally go all around the world, covering 90% of the globe. CDs and DVDs are also available.

The services and devotional videos can also be viewed on the internet via desktop and laptop computers, along with tablets and smartphones.

Some areas where Pastor Salem has served: